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Document Conversion Services

What if you could provide complete visibility and access to all your business records, regardless of their format or location?

As your business grows and changes, your information management needs to evolve as well. Yet, without an effective way to manage your growing volume of paper and electronic information, you’re facing higher costs, lower productivity, and increased compliance risk. With Document Strategies Document Imaging and Management services, you can develop and manage a secure, fully integrated document management program that lowers your costs, speeds access to the information your organization needs to be productive, and minimizes your compliance and eDiscovery risks

Converting your paper-based records into electronic documents can yield tremendous benefits: reducing physical records storage requirements, streamlining access and distribution of information across your organization, and reducing records management costs.

But there are many pitfalls that can undermine the effectiveness of an imaging solution. Relying on Document Strategies expertise, you can implement a new document conversion program — or redesign your current program — confident of achieving your goals without the capital investment, long lead times and uncertain outcomes of an in-house solution.


A Document Strategies solution allows you to:

·        Support electronic processes

·        Reduce storage costs

·        Enable faster search and retrieval

·        Provide anytime, anywhere access to documents

·        Ensure scalability and reliability

·        Deploy new capabilities with minimal capital outlay


Features At-A-Glance 

·     Intelligent scanning: scan only what you need, when you need it

·     Desktop solutions easily integrate with your current paper workflow

·     A seamless interface with your in-house Electronic Document Management (EDM) system or Document     Strategies-hosted image archive

·     Ensure best practices for document security, access, and compliance

·     Rapid implementation with little or no capital investment

·     Services available onsite or offsite

·     Document Strategies can perform document conversion or manage the conversion process

·     Transition smoothly from paper to electronic records with comprehensive Document Imaging Services, including our intelligent scanning solutions

·     Provide fast, reliable access to information through strategic Document Management Services.

·     Maintain copies of your most critical business documents in the Online Document Center®—a high-capacity, high-availability electronic document repository

·     Intelligently manage records, wherever they reside, throughout their entire lifecycle—from inception to management to archiving to destruction—with advanced record management software

·     Overcome the unique information management challenges of the healthcare industry, including the transition to Electronic Health Records, with our customized solutions for Health Information Management

·     Establish a defensible process for capturing, coding, organizing, and analyzing legal information through our Litigation Support and eDiscovery solutions

Scanning 100 percent of your documents may not provide the most cost-effective solution for your situation. Document Strategies solutions provide intelligent scanning, based on the access requirements for different types of documents. Frequently accessed documents or document elements — such as the customized coverage page of an insurance policy — are always scanned. Documents that are rarely accessed are not scanned until they are actually requested; they are then quickly delivered through our On Demand Image Delivery service. A well-designed, selective scanning program can yield dramatic reductions in conversion costs while meeting document access requirements.


Backfile Conversion

If you have a backlog of paper records that are costly to store and manage, Iron Mountain can help you establish a fast, efficient process and perform bulk conversion of those records to electronic form. Backfile conversion reduces or eliminates on-site physical records storage and makes records easier to search, access and distribute.


Day-Forward Conversion

While many types of records are initially created on paper, companies often want to quickly convert them to electronic form to support electronic workflow processes. Document Strategies experts can help you establish a conversion process that integrates smoothly with your existing business processes. We can handle document conversion as an in-house or outsourced solution.


Image on Demand

Image on Demand provides a cost-effective conversion solution for paper-based documents that have low retrieval needs. Rather than scanning all documents, which can be costly — and is often unnecessary — you can outsource a complete document library to Document Strategies, with users only requesting specific documents “on demand”, as needed. Those documents are quickly retrieved, scanned and made available within hours. This “pay as you go” service minimizes costs by only digitizing requested documents.


Desktop Document Capture

Tools for desktop document capture allow you to efficiently image documents from widely distributed locations and make them available for retrieval by your end users. Documents are indexed and bar-coded by those who know them best — your knowledge workers — as part of standard workflow processes. Documents are then locally converted to image using a scanner, photo copier, or fax and sent to a Document Strategies server and made available for search and retrieval. The document capture process stays under your control, with the documents kept in-house while they are being processed.

By partnering with Document Strategies, you’ll benefit from a single-vendor approach and customized solutions that accelerate your business processes, improve decision making organization-wide, and make compliance more achievable.


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