New!! OnePoint Imaging Solution 2200 scans in Color, OCR's, produces text-searchable .tif or .pdf!!

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The DSI OnePoint Imaging Solution

Plug 'N Play Imaging Solution
with complete installation in minutes
Network Solution or Standalone
offers the power of a complete imaging network in a single system

The DSI OnePoint Imaging Station integrates everything to begin operation!
Just add the Kodak scanner 3500D and monitor (network connection optional)
Real-Time Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OnePoint Imaging Station
Configured with Kodak scanner 3500D
17 inch Color Monitor, Optional UPS
& AV Rack Cart

No need for a separate OCR dedicated server

No rendering time, standard documents are processed at the scan time (60-150 ipm)
Preserve Document Text Formatting

Over every document, including spreadsheets
Job Creator Software

Desktop application for creation of index structure and barcode sheets to ensure correct image groupings.  Also User-Defined Mark Sense!
Full Text Search
OCR clean-up usually not required
Retrieve any word from any document
Works with faxes and 3rd generation copies
Viewer/TIFF Printer
Royalty-free distribution for your clients
Prints TIFF images to high speed digital devices
Produce Searchable PDF files

Automatically produces text-searchable royalty-free
Upload to Other Document Management Systems

Supported Databases include Summation, Concordance, JFS Litigator's NotebookTM, Hummingbird DOCSopen, iManage and other ODBC Compliant MS-SQL Server systems

185 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14605
Call us today at 585-506-9000

Automatic Coding of Documents Option

Document Strategies' DBXtractTM automatically extracts metadata or desired fielded information at scan time thus automating the coding / indexing of documents
Network Retrieval Software Option
OnePoint WebServer -- Browser-accessible Intranet document repository
TCP/IP network, requires MS SQL Server 7.0 or higher



For Information and Sales Contact:

Document Strategies’ OnePoint Imaging Solution allows users to implement an imaging system easily and quickly turn paper documents into images that can be easily and accurately accessed. You can immediately begin to achieve the benefits of imaging because the OnePoint Imaging Station includes the processor and all the software necessary to scan and index documents, plus simultaneously create a full text index of all images.

Installation takes only minutes, indexing process is simple, and retrieval is based on the document’s content. Typically, retrievals are done using word pattern matches. This means retrieval is more robust as you do not have to have precise indices to achieve accurate retrieval

The images and indices can be stored on a server to provide multi-user accessibility using Web browser technology. The documents can be retrieved by key words, phrases and other characteristics based on the content of the image as well as the index values. Alternatively, the images, metadata, and full text indices can be transferred to other document management systems.

The OnePoint Imaging Station allows for the production of CDs that can be used as a standalone retrieval system with images, their indices, a search engine and viewer all included on the CD. The process is as easy and as user friendly as utilizing a copier and produces in minutes the CD that can be searched on a full text basis or through document attributes.

  Document Strategies, Inc.
185 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY 14605
phone / fax (585) 506-9000 / (585) 506-9001
Jim Bowen


The OnePoint Imaging Solution offers…

• quick installation, ease of use,
• immediate availability of information
• low cost of ownership

… to companies and agencies that are paper intensive and where documents need to be shared across the enterprise. Document Strategies’ OnePoint Imaging Station and Image WebServer together provide a complete solution.

Document Strategies has developed and integrated all the essential pieces of an imaging network. The result is a uniquely integrated product solution that offers a dramatic improvement in the availability of knowledge from paper-based assets.

Most network-based imaging systems require the investment in personnel to index and code documents after the scanning process. The highly automated OnePoint Imaging Station process lowers the costs associated with scanning, OCR processing and document indexing.

Software Components 

Image Capture - Scanned documents are saved as TIFF (Group 4) image files.
Image Enhancement - Images are cropped, deskewed and de-speckled to improve OCR accuracy and appearance. 
Barcode Recognition & Mark Sense
The system replicates a folder structure that is designed by the user on a simple PC desktop interface. Documents following barcode / mark sense sheets are filed within the designated folder. The barcodes also specify any metadata tags to be applied to the document as it is scanned. Mark Sense checkboxes can be used for custom labels or repetitive attributes like 'handwritten.' 
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
The OnePoint Imaging Station runs a custom-tuned OCR engine that converts in 'real-time' the image files into ASCII text files. The result is OCR text files that are full-text searchable as soon as the documents have been scanned and written to CD ROM or posted to the web (no additional processing time required). 
Auto Rotation - This optional software feature recognizes the orientation of the text and automatically rotates the image to its readable position. Documents can be scanned in any direction. 
Full Text Indexing
No royalty for the system to automatically index the ASCII files using artificial intelligence technology to associate search requests with word strings that have similar patterns. 
Search Engine
DocViewer Software Viewing and retrieval software allows the enduser to search and retrieve image and text files using a variety of search methods including: 
 Standard Boolean (and, or, not, etc.) 
 Word Patterns (finds misspelled words)
 Thesaurus (similar meanings)
 Index (metadata) terms and foldering 

The DocViewer Software is installed on every CD that is produced by the OnePoint Imaging Station. 

Multiple Publishing Options: to CD-ROM, Network Drive, or to text-searchable PDF with the OnePoint Publisher (.PDF) option.

Self Playing CD Archive - CD ROMs produced by the Imaging Station: 
 Hold up to 15,000 pages . 
 Contain all the necessary software for search, retrieval, view and print . 
 Can be duplicated and distributed with no additional license fees . 
 Will work on any PC with Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 


OnePoint Image WebServer 
Intranet Server version of the OnePoint Imaging software that allows: 
 Secure "on-line storage" of images 
 Search, view and print through a standard Web Browser interface 
 Text-searchable PDF files are easily retrieved

DBXtract (tm) Software
Based on custom templates, DBXtract will
automatically extract data from the scanned documents creating database fields like: employee number, date, author, recipient, names-in-text, etc. Use of the mark sense option in Job Creator can allow for documents to be chararcterized by type. The user will also be able to apply custom templates as well.

OnePoint Publisher (.PDF) - An upgrade module that converts Imaging Station output into text searchable .PDF files (capable of rapidly handling large files in one pass).

Legal Bates Module - assign printable
numerical sequence to document footer. Allows custom prefix and endorsements.

Value Pack Toolkit - Conversion toolkit and Utilities for uploading documents and metadata to 3rd party databases and image-only PDF files. Currently supports Hummingbird's DOCSopen, iManage, Concordance, Summation, and other ODBC Compliant MS-SQL Server databases by request.

Configuration Options Shown - AV Rack Tower w/ RackMount Server, 17" monitor and Optional UPS

OnePoint Imaging Station Includes
Fully configured Dual Processor PC, cache, SDRAM, 3 Hi Speed HDDs, RAID Adapter, NIC, diskette drive, CD-R writer, CR-ROM reader, keyboard, mouse, cables, software as indicated.

Recommended Duplex Scanner
Kodak Scanner 3500D
Min: 2.5" L x 2.5" W (6.4 x 6.4 cm)
Max: 26" L x 11.7" W (66.0 x 29.7 cm)
Paper Weights: 13-110 lbs. (50-200 g)
up to 0.03" card stock & file folders
Feeder capacity: continuous 150 page stack
Imaging Output: 200 or 300 dpi TIF Images
CCITT group 4
Dimensions: Height: 11.5" (29.5 cm),
Width: 21" (53.5 cm) Depth: 27.5" (70.0 cm),
Weight: 60 lbs. (27 kg)
Interface support: SCSI-2

Recommended Monitor - 17 inch Color SVGA

Customer Support
Standard support hours are:
9:00am to 9:00pm Eastern Time (EST) Monday - Friday, except Holidays
Annual Support program provides rapid response to support questions and software
upgrades as appropriate.

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