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EPROS Email Management

By integrating Document Strategies Email Management System (EPROS) within your knowledge management practices, you’re able to provide immediate access to the proverbial needle in a haystack—pulling from multiple resources, without any prior indexing or review.

The Document Strategies EPROS software platform delivers a simple, automated approach to email content management that delivers on the promise to manage and maintain email messages and deliver the messages and attachments with support for industry standard databases and applications.  You’re saving time and money, and improving service all without adding needless hours of indexing and organization.

Every computer user has experienced the frustration of trying to find emails from an individual regarding a topic or that were sent within a specific period of time. The inability of email client software to help users easily locate key messages is problematic and costly when considering the amount time invested in these searches. There is a strong need to have an automated and detailed process to manage the incoming stream of emails and yet make them available in conjunction with leading search technologies.

The EPROS software platform allows organizations to automatically open their email, convert each email as a document, extract metadata, and process all attachments for upload into a database or document management system.  Since the emails are now individual documents with related metadata it is then possible to apply retention policies and manage the collection on a more granular level.

All emails can be received, processed, data identified and extracted with all information delivered to key applications.  The EPROS system can penetrate and neutralize files formatted into typically closed systems like dedicated email platforms, PST files and legacy databases.


Email Recovery: Find lost, deleted and archived mailbox items quickly and easily. If someone accidentally deletes an important email folder, restore the messages in minutes directly to that person's live Exchange mailbox – all while staying at your own desk. Additionally, through expanded collection capabilities within Document Strategies EPROS together with a database or document management system, IT administrators can leverage a defined workflow process to search and collect data from a live Exchange environment, effectively providing forensically sound data collection of current, real-time Exchange content.

Email Search: Set precise search criteria and run detailed queries across multiple data sources, selecting any combination of mailboxes or folders you wish to search, regardless of the data source.

Migration & Consolidation: Flexible environments that allow you to update, upgrade, and migrate data are a business necessity. EPROS assists server migration processes while allowing your IT resources to meet their daily email management requirements.

Storage Management: By facilitating flexible ease of access to backups and legacy archives, Document Strategies EPROS software reduces email management issues.

Legal/Investigations/Compliance: Meeting legal, investigations and compliance requests can be a daunting, time consuming task. There are many software products that may assist in the recovery and export of email, but not all are compliant with the techniques required for addressing the legal and technical complexities associated with forensically sound data collection. Document Strategies EPROS


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