Technology aside, the important question is, "How long does it take to get meaningful access to my documents?"


Organizations have traditionally relied on paper filing systems for document storage and retrieval.  The process of electronic document conversion or document imaging allows these collections to be managed within electronic databases and file structures.  The key to successful management and searching of these digital copies is an accurate and easy to understand tagging or indexing system.  These electronic tags, commonly known as metadata, are critical for knowledge workers to quickly isolate documents of importance.  However, the hidden cost of ownership within the industry is the difficulty in creating and associating these tags in an efficient and accurate manner.



Documents with meaningful metadata residing in a content management system can facilitate automatic triggering of business workflows, and make information actionable.  An intelligent document capture system that can generate content and metadata and organize these collections into content management system can automatically simplify tasks that had previously required manual intervention from the knowledge worker.

The Document Strategies DocID artificial intelligence indexing software can help to automate processes associated with generating searchable metadata which can be linked to any collection of paper or electronic based collections.  Emails, incoming invoices, patient records, legal briefs or even resumes can all be identified and key values extracted for searchability all without any human intervention.

The DocID application software is a unique technology that can reduce the labor cost and cycle times typically associated with the coding of documents in healthcare, legal, government and commercial applications where database information must be identified from key documents.  The DocID software can generate a coded database automatically and reduce the total processing time for a document to be ready for loading into your enterprise imaging system.  Thousands or even millions of pages can be coded for a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost typically found in traditional scanning environments.


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